His mercies are new every morning…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Life is the pain, the toil, the sweat, the anguish but…

It is also the peace, the hope, the love, the faith, the miracles…

One would most likely not go without the other

For in the midst of the darkness I see the light as it rises to shine upon me

And where I once wept now I shall sing and joy with a gladness in my heart

For even in the midst of despair I will cling to hope because of his mercies that are new every morning…


The promise…

I know the one who has asked me to cast all my cares upon him

I know the one who says take his yoke because it is easy and his burden is light

I know the one who has said I will never leave you nor forsake you…

And there is more, so much more but will I take him up on his invitation?


I have to choose daily and so do you… happy new year everyone.

with love…Kristina




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