Gazing into the eyes of love…

Give me the grace to sit at your feet and gaze into your eyes

Even when the voices all around me are contending for my attention

When the only thing that really matters is that you have all of my heart, my mind, my thoughts…

May I run after you as you have pursued my heart

Show me the way to the glory light havens

when darkness tries to cloud my view

And even now as the darkness increases in our world; that evil and wicked hunter wants to ensnare me in his traps but you have provided a way of escape because of your great love for me

In your presence, in the shelter of your arms I am are hid and your glorious light pierces the eyes of my enemy so that he falls into his own traps and I am covered in shadow of your wings

May your kingdom rule and reign in our lives, our hearts, our homes, our cities and our world.

As we turn our eyes and gaze into your eyes, that have never turned away from us.

So be it!

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