What do I do?

What do I do when fear is knocking at my door? It’s very easy to say, send Jesus to the door, but what choice do I really have…

Heart pounding, assaulted by thoughts on every side; I speak his words to my heart and soul, I command fear to go in Jesus name, I sing out loud or listen to music, I talk to Jesus and say I have had enough…

I remind myself that fear has been defeated at the cross and regardless of how I feel I must move forward even though my knees are shaking. Still its easier said than done. One comforting word is to remind myself that my heavenly father has gone before me.

Knowing his perfect love for me casts out all fear. Please note it is knowing his unconditional love for me that silences the big mouth of fear.

3 thoughts on “What do I do?

  1. your blog says so much in so few words, THIS was just the encouragement and reminder i needed this morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being faithful in your relationship with Him and sharing the joy, peace and Love you find in Him.

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