I love you my King

In my unlovely state

Your heart ached for me

I knew it then, I could feel your pain…

I love that

You came after me

when every back was turned

you whispered grace divine

to my broken spirit…

My heart longs for you

with a fierceness unmatched…

The words I miss you

come unbidden to my lips

it reminds me that

you have been my home for all generations.

Excerpts from the book called, A PROMISE OF LOVE.’ by KC Olise

Don’t give up!

To the desolate, the weary and to those that feel they have been forgotten. Remember that every hair on your head is numbered.  God’s says I am not a lover for a moment in time; I am a lover forever. Yes it would be very easy to doubt and question in your thoughts, Is God really with me, is he for me; but what would you lose by trusting in your heavenly father.

Jesus promised, I will never leave you,I will not forsake you. Keep moving forward knowing that you are not alone. Don’t give up!

Have you seen the one my heart loves? PART 2

We were made for love, to love him and to be loved by him. There are no words to describe the one who has loved us with an everlasting love.

The most important thing in our father’s heart is that we turn our eyes and look into his alone. This is easier said than done; look at the distractions around us and the worries that plague our minds. Yet he desires our undivided attention and love; he has promised to give us all of himself. He desires a relationship with his children.

This is the journey we are on… till we see him face to face. Let us return, let us come back home to the one our hearts love, to the one who will never turn us away.

Prayer: May I know your love that captivates and causes me to run after you.